How to Create Emails Faster While Maintaining Brand Style?

Most email marketers spend a lot of time making the templates consistent with their brand’s style. They add all the basic elements like logo in the header, address in the footer, social media buttons, etc. And then, they make sure all the typography is consistent, and the buttons have the correct color and style. By the time they finish tweaking all these elements, it’s already been a few hours, but they haven’t even gotten to the actual content of the email.

We at Mailmodo have also faced the same issue. And we wanted to know if there is any way to speed up this process and save time creating on-brand emails. Briefly, we used one of our features called “save blocks,” which allowed us to save commonly used blocks, like header, footer, forms, etc., and reuse them in any new email we create.

But this still required some effort, and we had to manually add all these blocks, which is when we thought, “Wouldn’t it be helpful if those blocks/elements were already in your email and you just had to add your content?”

That’s what Mailmodo’s new feature ‘Brand Kit’ does:

When you sign up on Mailmodo, our Brand Kit pulls the assets from your website. Every email you design after that uses these assets automatically. This eliminates the need for marketers to start from scratch, significantly reducing the time spent on creating on-brand emails.

Aquibur Rahman, CEO of Mailmodo, underscores the significance of this feature, saying, “Brand Kit is yet another testament showing our dedication to our clients by simplifying email creation for them. The Brand Kit will help brands reduce time spent on template creation, giving them the time back to focus on more important aspects of email marketing like strategy and automation.”

When a user signs up, Mailmodo automatically fetches their website’s key brand elements, such as logos, colors, addresses, typography, and buttons. The email marketer can then review and, if needed, make any adjustments before publishing the Brand Kit. Once published, every new template created on Mailmodo is automatically prefilled with the brand’s unique elements.

So, right from the start, you can

  • Cut down repetitive decision-making

  • Maintain brand consistency

  • Focus on being creative

If you are interested and want to try it out, click here to sign up.