How to Create a High-Converting E-Commerce Email Marketing Strategy

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For each $1 invested in email marketing within the eCommerce sector, the return on investment (ROI) amounts to $45, making email marketing an effective channel for driving business growth.

From upselling to recovering abandoned carts and maximizing sales during events, email marketing is beneficial across all business stages. In this article, we delve into a few strategies to amplify the engagement and conversion potential of eCommerce email marketing.

Educate, Don’t Sell

Suppose you own an online store for health and wellness products. Instead of sending your subscribers routine product advertisements, if you send tailored emails that have insightful workout routines, nutritional advice, or even success stories of usage of your products, your subscribers will more likely engage with your emails.

As an example, consider FullScript, a digital health platform that incorporates educational content into its email marketing strategy. By sending informative materials to its subscribers, FullScript cultivates engagement and motivates recipients to actively connect with the brand. This increases their chance of converting the subscribers.

Some other tips to include in your email marketing strategy for a better ROI :

  • Tracking unopened emails: Boost open rates by monitoring unopened emails and resending them to non-responsive recipients. You can improve the outcomes in the second attempt with impactful subject lines through A/B testing and analyzing user reactions.

  • Personalization: Customers greatly appreciate individualized attention, which makes personalization a great strategy to optimize your ROI. Great ways to be personal and follow up are through sending users welcome emails, onboarding emails, and thank you emails.

  • Send AMP Emails for ECommerce Email Marketing: Dynamic AMP emails offer personalized interaction, it’s a tool that is gaining traction in the e-commerce space. With AMP emails, you can now include interactive elements like shopping carts right in the inbox.

Add Fun and Games Inside the Email

No content, no matter how well written, will capture attention if it's not appropriately displayed. To crack a design that works well, your business needs to stay on top of the trends.

Gamification of emails is the new trend that is doing the trick. With it, you can include interactive elements like the wordle or a spin the wheel right inside the email. For instance, promodo increased the revenue of their client Stylus, a leading online retailer, by 35 % by including a roulette during its holiday email campaign.

Businesses are also using arches and wave patterns in their designs to establish a sense of flow within emails. These arches and waves guide users between different sections. This technique is widely adopted by companies to effectively direct their customers' attention towards the email's call-to-action (CTA).Read more about how brands are using the top design trends to drive revenue from their email campaigns.

The Often Overlooked Gem: Email Footer

Despite its small size at the bottom of the email design, taking the email footer seriously is essential.

With a well-designed email footer, you can show all the possible platforms for your subscribers to find you - be it your social media profiles or your website.

You can also use the footer as an ideal location to incorporate a considerate sign-off with a thank-you note in the email itself. Expressing gratitude to your subscribers for their time can help you in building a rapport with them.

Learn how to create an effective email footer here.

Here’s How You Can Make Your Emails Interactive

Interactive emails elevate conversions, particularly in e-commerce, with methods like gamification, GIFs, and strong footers. You can begin in simple steps
- By sending educational content and tips to users based on their preferences.
- Adding elements of fun with gamification or even a simple GIF can do the trick.
- Using email footers creatively to keep the subscribers hooked.

You can also tune into this upcoming summit about interactive emails happening on August 23 where 6 industry experts will come together to share their insights.

If you’ve any more such examples to add, do let us know in the comments.