Calculator Email Templates : Why You Should Use Them

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Picture this – you work in a marketing team at a Fintech firm and need to promote the latest mutual fund. Now, imagine having the power to send your clients a SIP calculator directly in their email. This way, you enable your audience to calculate their SIP estimates without leaving their inbox and take an informed decision immediately reducing the time taken to convert.

This scenario is possible now using AMP calculators.

In this article, we will learn more about these calculator email templates and their impact on email marketing strategies.

What Are Calculator Email Templates

Calculator Email Templates are interactive templates that are embedded with calculators to allow the users to perform calculations right inside the email itself. So, instead of just reading words, you can actually do the math right there! These templates can :

  • Calculate potential savings and discounts with ease

  • Assess your health metrics like BMI and calorie needs

  • Measure mortgage payments and loan affordability

And so much more without having the need to leave the inbox.

Why Use The Calculator in Email?

According to a study conducted in 2022, marketers consider interactive emails and calculator widgets to be some of the most effective marketing content tools. The benefits include :

  • High Engagement

Recipients are drawn to the convenience of performing real-time calculations directly within the email, encouraging them to spend more time with the content. This fosters active engagement.

  • New Experience

The template, with its unique content, will leave a lasting impression on recipients. This will also help to create a positive word of mouth.

  • Boost Conversions

The calculator's impact doesn't end with the calculations. It entices recipients to check out the offering as well, driving higher conversions and better results.

How Different Industries can use the calculator widgets in their emails :


The Fintech Industry can make use of the EMI Calculator Templates to facilitate seamless communication of EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) calculations and loan-related details to customers or potential clients via email. It can be used during the onboarding process to allow the clients to calculate and understand their EMIs, making the decision-making process more transparent and user-friendly.

Investment advisors and govt. investment providers can also make use of the SIP calculator emails. By sending a personalized email with the SIP calculator, clients can calculate potential returns and explore various investment scenarios based on their financial preferences, and make quicker and more informed investment decisions.


The fitness and healthcare industry, on the other hand, can make use of BMI calculators in their email campaigns. Through these emails that have an embedded BMI calculator, users can calculate their Body Mass Index by simply entering their height and weight.

Companies can use the BMI Calculator email templates in their onboarding process to give their new clients personalized insights into their health status. Moreover, calculator emails can serve as engaging promotional tools, encouraging subscribers to participate in challenges and set fitness goals.

Bonus Use Case!

At Mailmodo, we’re running an email ROI survey and we used the email ROI calculator template in our campaigns!

Are Calculators in Email Difficult to Use?

Unlike before, it has now become incredibly easy to incorporate interactive calculators into your emails. With a drag-and-drop builder, you can do it within seconds. You can also easily customize the templates to align with your brand's style and needs, all without requiring any coding skills.

If this interests you, check out these free calculator email templates and start using them!